Collars,  Leashes,  Harness',  Tie Outs & Stakes  
Shampoos,  Brushes,  Nail Clippers
Training Aids,  Toys,  Treats,  Bones & Chew Things
Beds & Blankets,  Crates,  Gates, Hutches
Dishes & Food            Cat Litter & More
 Taste of the Wild Grain Free
all 3 Martie's locations

Some of what we have...

Lots of treats for your four legged buddy

Some of our dog & cat foods

Diamond & Diamond Naturals
is available at all 3 of Martie's Farm Service stores.
Grain-Free Naturals 
St Francis location
Martie's Farm Service has been providing pet owners with quality nutrition, at an affordable price since 1982.  We continually work with our vendors to maintain low prices for our customers.  
We don't put our pet foods on sale.  Our philosophy is to provide you with a good price everyday.  We believe successful business is done in volume, not per bag.