Dreaming of that lush lawn the neighbors will envy?

Starting from bare lawn or thickening existing lawn:

Our lawn seeds have been blended to grow and thrive in our climate and soil types.  We stock a variety of blends to meet the needs of your lawn, whether it's in the hot sun all day or under the shade of trees. 
Single variety lawn seeds are also on hand.
All seeds need water to grow, but you don't have to have a sprinkler system to have a beautiful lawn.  Come talk to our staff, we're here to help.

Moles or Gophers destroying your hard work?

Not only do we have the solutions, we can show you how to implement them.

Not every solution is right for every situation, don't throw your money away on a product that hasn't been proven effective.  

Moles and Gophers are different, and you could have both, let us help.

Crabgrass a problem, weeds taking over?

If the thickness of your lawn is established, crabgrass preventer is an excellent option. Our pre emergent granular prevents all seeds from germinating, and should be applied early in the spring. With the included fertilizer, your lawn will green up nicely.

Not only do we stock a wide variety of weed control products, we know how to use them, what they control, and when to use them.

Fertilizer makes a difference!

That's why we always recommend putting down some fertilizer.

We offer several blends to meet your needs.  

New seed? We stock blends that have the phosphorus you'll need for successful seed germination.

Just need to green it up and give it a boost?  We can help.

Poor growth under acidic trees?  Pellet Lime is easy to apply and will neutralize acidic soil.

Dog burns? High ph in soil?  Gypsum can solve those problems.

Pasture Seed

Need to thicken up that horse, or cattle pasture?

Our pasture blends are developed for grazing by any animal, and are endophyte-free.

Single seed bags are available to add to the blends, plant alone, or create your own blend.

We stock spreaders and sprayers to help you get the job done!